At what times of the day are the signals given?
     Our online software will be monitoring multiple forex currency pairs along with Gold prices whenever the markets are open 24/5 for high probability trade opportunities according to the Artificial Intelligence criteria we have designed. This means that signals are not locked into a certain time frame and clients all around the world can access signals from our service at different times throughout the day that are convenient for them. We currently have AU,CA,UK and USA clients all accessing our online software at different times. Our software listens to the markets and helps us hear when an opportunity is knocking rather than only listening at the door the same fixed times day after day.
What Time zone are the signals in the Bot based on?
The times in the software are based on UTC server time and you will need to convert them to your local time zone a good site for doing so is TimeBie. As an example here is a link to their UTC to Eastern standard time converter.
 How are your signals delivered - skype,email or sms?
 Our signals are delivered via an online flash client in a fraction of a second no matter where you reside in the world. We have provided an online demo of the EXACT software so that you can test it on your PC or mobile device before you purchase. Also all signals inside that demo are actual signals delivered to clients that same day via the premium service. The only difference is that there is a 3 hour delay on the demo of our flash software. You will hear talking alerts in English when a signal is spotted. This means direct delivery from our servers to you with no 3rd party carriers and no crowded chat rooms on Skype.
What mobile devices does the online signal bot support?
       Since this client is completely online and built in flash you can test access for your mobile devices with this demo. You can use most android based devices as well as a PC or Mac based laptop  with high speed wireless Internet connectivity and take the Bot signals with you on the go. Test other devices to make sure they are compatible using the Binary Options Bot Demo at the bottom here on our site.
Where is your results history and what ITM percentage can I expect from your signals?

Regarding results our position on the matter is this: I want to be completely honest it is our opinion that we would rather clients try this Hybrid service and prove to themselves how effective it is or is not with helping produce consistent profits for them. We put our focus on a hybrid system that includes

  • We will be walking you through trades based on the signals our artificial Intelligence provides on a regular basis. You will also get access to more than 12 hours of spot FX training including more than 30 strategies with templates.
  • You also get access to our State of the art trading bot that provides you with detailed signals 24/5 as examples of high probability trades

A system that will not only hand you up and down directions but give you suggested ranges we see the markets pivoting in that particular direction. along with how long we expect the movement to last and how strong we actually feel about the movements probability. All this helps you trade around the signals manually and empowers you to grow and learn through your own actions and build confidence to become the trader we believe you can be.

    Inspite of our sentiment we have provided a documentation of the signals results at the link below. These results are based on the 5 minute low of the candle for Calls and the 5 minute high of the candle for PUTS. The price data can be validated at any spot broker.

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